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Fanning promises to be back on tour

  • Fanning promises to be back on tour

    Mick Fanning promises his defeat at Bells Beach won't be his last appearance on tour in Australia.

Good news surfing fans, Mick Fanning has promised his semi-final defeat at Bells Beach on Sunday won't be his last appearance on tour in Australia.

The three-time world champion's bid for an unprecedented fifth Bells crown ended in disappointment but you wouldn't have known it seeing Fanning walk from the surf on Sunday.

A relieved Fanning lapped up the walk from the beach with fans before embracing his manager and revelling in his new-found holiday status.

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The loss to South Africa's Jordy Smith means Fanning will now enter into his much-discussed break from full-time surfing.

There's no end date to the 34-year-old's time away at this stage, but Fanning dismissed speculation Sunday's heat would be his last on these shores as a pro surfer.

"Nah, I'll surf one, at least," Fanning told AAP.

Many believe Fanning's next event will be a return to South Africa and the scene of the shark attack at J-Bay which made him a global phenomenon.

Fanning says that event is only "pencilled in" at this stage however and for now it's just about getting used to life on his own terms.

"It's all feeling pretty good," he said.

"I'm going home and then holidays start soon."

As to what his holidays will involve? Fanning isn't revealing anything, saying only that it will all become pretty apparent soon.

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